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[29 Nov 2016|11:52pm]

  • Original Character games only
  • No Pan-fandom games
  • I'm not interested in games that revolve around smut
  • I'm okay with darker SLs
  • I require an active game with multiple posts and replies a day
  • I don't like PSLs


[29 Nov 2016|11:35pm]

  • I'm in my thirties and I've been RPing for 16 years
  • I excel at creating and playing bad guys
  • I love to write and interact with new and different people
  • I am highly active and ready to reply multiple times a day
  • I have a BA in English so grammar, spelling, and vocab are great!
  • I am very friendly and anti-clique

name. Anna timezone. CST


Inactive characters [26 Nov 2015|05:41pm]

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[21 Nov 2015|09:02pm]
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Front Page [18 Dec 2010|06:47am]

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to my character development journal! This is the place where I keep track of all the characters I've created for my journal based online RPGs as well as other resources that I've deemed important.

Please note that any icons on this page you can feel free to take whenever you want, no credit needed!

ABOUT [01 Jan 2010|07:49pm]

RP with me!

About Me

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My name is Anna and I am looking for a great game to play in! I've been away from the journal-based RP scene for a long time, about 3 or so years and I see everything around here's changed a lot so please bear with me. Games I like games to be up front about what they can offer: if it's a slice-of-life game, let me know. Fluff, angst, fine just let me know. I prefer plot-centric games over those strictly about hooking up and breaking up.

I am looking games that are purely OC, no celebrities, no cross fandoms, no fandoms at all. High fantasy, urban fanstasy, sci-fi, anything is fine as long as its original.

Level of Experience: I have been RPing online in journal/chat based games for twenty years. I am online daily to RP and because of this I like games that are updated with the same frequency.

Preferred Platform: AIM / Insanejournal. I only commit to PSLs with people I have RPd with before in games.

Style: I prefer RPs that read like prose with paragraphs and quotation marks.

Plot Duration: I like long-term games over short storylines.

Planning: I don't really like pre-planning SLs. I don't mind getting together to plot with other players about the general direction we want the game to go in or on plot points we want to throw in but figuring out every little detail before the actual RP takes places is a real turn off for me. I like to be surprised by the other players with plot twists and character quirks.

Post Length: I understand that from time to time one liners are really all that's needed in reply to a post but I would prefer a game with players who match the effort I'm putting into my posts. Games with a minimum paragraph requirements for posts really interest me since it keeps me from getting lazy.

Point of View: Third Person/Omniscient only.


If I get bored with a thread, I have a tendency to stop replying all together and leave threads opened/unfinished. I'm trying to put an end to this, honestly.

As long as a game isn't fluff, I like storylines that give me the freedom to write in dark plot twists such as but not limited to violence, kidnapping, murder, and the occasional angst/melodramatic/emo moment.

As I've mentioned before, I'd like a game with active players who update daily. Elitist games or games with a lot of cliques hold little interest for me. I don't usually like games or RPs that have been going on for extended amounts of time. I'd rather start out fresh with a new or fledgling game then try to jump into the middle of something that's been going on for months.

Contact Information

E-mail: coupsurcoup@aol.com
Instant Messenger (s): AIM: CoupSurCoup
Timezone: Central Standard Time
Daily. My work schedule varies so when I'm not there I'll be here at home on my computer.

ICONS [01 Dec 2009|09:40pm]

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If you see any icons you'd like, just take them. No credit needed.

SAMPLES [01 Dec 2009|09:27pm]

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Application Sample
Rodolphus Lestrange

First Person SampleBounjour, enfants. Quoi de neuf?

It has been decided. I am returning home to Marseilles for the holiday! All of my family will be gathering there which means I now have an awful lot of holiday shopping to attend. Many of you do not know this about me but I have a very large family. I have three grand parents that are still alive et of course, my mother and father. I have four uncles and five aunts, my two sisters and seven nieces and nephews, eleven cousins. Mon Dieu, I believe it is time to inquire about a raise.

In France, Christmas is kind of a big deal. It all starts on December 6 with la fête de Saint Nicolas. December 8 la fête de lumièr. In France, children leave their shoes by the fire place for Saint Nicholas to leave toys and candy in but things are not all fun and games, non non non. There is also Père Fouettard who hands out spankings to naughty children!

After Midnight Mass there is my favorite part to the holiday, Le Réveillon, which is basically a very large (very very large) holiday dinner. Goose, capon, boudin blanc, et la bûche de Noël are all included. And then, on the Epiphany, le petit roi is chosen and hides under the table to hand out La Galette des Rois, round pieces of cake. In one piece there is hidden la fève (a charm) and whoever finds it is the King or Queen for the day. They then choose a partner and are free from having to do the dishes (alors, the dishes part is only a tradition in my house).

I am never the King and I always have to wash.

Did you know, in France it is a law that all letters to Santa must be replied to with a post card?

Third Person Sample

Herrick would insist that the lure of a blood lust wasn't something that went away the older a vampire got; instead he was convinced that as a vampire matured they just got better at controlling it. He could always feel the pulse of mania gnawing at the edges of his equanimity from the moment he'd woken up surrounded in the smell of his sire's perfume and the guidance of her soft fingers to fifteen hundred fifty-five years later as he stood in the center of Shadow Falls with a cesspool of mixed blood dripping from his fingers as thickly as if he were bleeding himself.

Like a drunk, lost in the numb, spinning world of inebriation, Herrick had lost all track of time and body count a while back. He wasn't sure who it was he tasted on his tongue, if they were the same person that was spattered across his face or at all related to who was coagulating into gory stains on his half-bared chest. He'd worn all black that evening, knowing full well what he was setting out to do and knowing that dark colors wouldn't show the extent of his hedonistic carnage as well as lighter hues would. What he hadn't known was that he would get so carried away! He hadn't realized that once he'd started he wouldn't want to stop and that he would assault so many people the inky threads of his clothes would become soaked and shine.

He'd eaten so much he'd thrown up and then to settle his stomach he'd started again, just like he remembered doing when he was young, when he was human and feasting in celebration of his own mortality. There was still a long stretch of evening before him, a lot of unclaimed humans he had yet to get his fangs in. There were a lot of people out there who he needed to have until he'd tasted every single available human in town.

Herrick had never been nice about his feedings, he never did anything to reduce the sensation of pain or the horror of the process. He liked to "keep it real", to hear his victims gasp and whine in pain, to feel their fingers clenching in his clothes as a way of coping or to push him away, neither of which worked very well. He liked to feel that initial spurt of blood after he'd struck a major artery. He enjoyed when it hit the back of his throat or ran down his neck like someone had just tossed a cup of warm honey on his face. Herrick enjoyed eating and by the time he got done it looked sometimes like he'd gotten more on his face and clothes than he had in his stomach.

Tonight, the process wasn't much different from that except for the absence of all "romance". His usual build up, like foreplay during a tantric sexual escapade, had all but vanished. Without the prelude, the act seemed more savage than ever before. Usually, his mark didn't even realize they were in trouble before he had them, shoving them to the ground, against a car or the cold brick of an alleyway. He was merciless with his above average strength and god-like reflexes. He tore skin with his nails instead of just his teeth, he hit and kicked, laughed, and broke bones. He was lewd, prying legs apart with his knees, tearing clothes to find a bare piece of flesh or breast to bite as he held his captives down like rape victims, screaming and begging him to stop.

He wasn't sure if he'd killed anyone and wasn't disturbed by the fact that he didn't care. Herrick didn't worry about what or who lay behind him, he focused instead on what was his immediate future, the next seductive whiff of the mouth-water prime cut he would be having his way with next.

In fact, he thought he smelled them now.

INACTIVE [01 Dec 2009|08:54pm]

RP with me!

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ACTIVE [01 Dec 2009|08:21pm]

RP with me!

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SEEKING [01 Dec 2009|08:13pm]

RP with me!

Seeking SLs

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Most Wanted Characters

I am looking to play, more than anyone else: Original Characters - I've abandoned fandom games so for the moment there isn't much to say here.


Lines/Plots Original games with original characters only.

RESOURCES [01 Dec 2009|09:02am]

RP with me!


Active Characters
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Names I Like


Played By List
Gabriel Aubry, Michael Gandolfi, Shaun Haugh, Christian Brylle, Gael Garcia-Bernal, Boyd Holbrook, Louis Garrel, Hayden Christianson, Ioan Gruffud, Kanata Hongo, Taylor Fuchs, Daivd Lindwall, Connor Oberst, Hugh Laurie, Jude Law, David Bowie, Jeremy Dufour, Eddie Redmayne, Landon Pigg, Treadaway Twins, JRM, Roger Garth, Isaiah Garnica.

Kim Petras, Elizabeth Hurley, Gemma Ward, Kate Hudson, Allison Harvard, Bellz

Other Characters
Abigail West - religious lunatic who, after convincing her husband to bury their new born son alive because he was a 'demon', killed her father and mother who had also just conceived. Stole her newborn brother and raised him as her son. Wears mom-jeans, I swear, and those jumper/apron dresses. Murdered by her brother/son when he found out (he really IS a demon - well, not really, but he's not human). Husband Marx West, Son/Brother Theodore West.

Alice Monroe - Doe-eyed debutant type, gregarious and generous, forgiving, loyal - lady on the streets, freak in the sheets! Mother Isabelle nee Monroe, Father deceased. Step-father Marx West, step-brother Theodore West. Engaged to Darael Duran. Attends Youth Garden. Piano playing genius who tours Europe in the summer.

Darael Duran - Paints the future but only tragedies and horrible things and when he's in a trance or asleep. Very sensitive to violence, uppity and high on his own morals and ideas. Doesn't make friends easily because he has a problem with everyone and lets them know it. Raised by Min Cross, a super creepy male nanny and PA to his father who controls every aspect of his life. Very proper in relationships and blushes horribly when things get personal or move beyond holding hands. Step father Darby Duran (he doesn't know), Father Marx West, Mother Abigail West, Brother (he doesn't know that either) Theodore West, fiance Abigail Monroe. Very strong sense of justice, wants to be a detective or lawyer when he grows up. Big on human/civil rights.

Darby Duran - Darael Duran's step-father and super rich and important business man. Think continually featured in Forbes and in the NYT. Darael really isn't his son, he's Abigail and Marx West's son but after he was born his mother was convinced he was a demon and had Marx "bury him alive". He actually gave him to Darby Duran, a close friend from the Vietnam War who then raised him as his own son. Has shady under the table business dealings. The Duran Corporation runs the city with three towers connected underground by a series of tunnels. Graduate of Youth Garden

Marx West - Ex military man now politician running for loftier positions with his eye on the presidency. Works hard to cover all of the secrets of his very sordid past and to keep his son who is actually his brother-in-law in control so he won't ruin his chances. Wife, Isabelle Monroe, daughter-in-law Alice Monroe. Close friends with Darby Duran.

Magda Alcat - son of Doctor Raphael Alcat (mad scientist extraordinaire) and Diam Alcat (smoking hot vampiress). Always carries around a super old camera that lets him take pictures of "special people" (supernatural creatures/influenced humans) which he saves in a photo album. He is EXTREMELY AWKWARD in social situations (ie, he moves to the beat of his own drum, not home-schooled awkward) and is a push over for bullying. He doesn't have a lot of friends because he's "weird", always staring at and following people around with his camera.

Min Cross - Super creepy male nanny to Darael Duran and PA to Darby Duran. Very very pale, blond hair, pale eyes, and always wears ALL WHITE. He gives the impression of running the Duran Corporation behind the scenes but is more interested in Darael. He controls every aspect of Darael's life in order to control HIM and hone his unusual ability. Has an equally weird girlfriend who always dressed in outlandish clothing that usually involves a great deal of spandax. Very cheesy and gawdy and he knows it and likes it that way. Is DEATH (you know, with the scythe).

Theodore West - son/brother-in-law to Marx West, son/brother to Abigail West, uncle to Darael Duran, brother-in-law to Alice Monroe, son-in-law to Isabelle Marx nee Monroe. Theodore is a complete psychopath. He has no regards for anyone else or the law. He lacks sympathy and empathy choosing instead to do only what he enjoys or satisfies him. Considers himself non human and thus has no attachment to any other human beings save for maybe his nephew Darael because of his odd abilities and sordid past. Theodore has one arm. He lost the other in Japan where his father was stationed when he was young. They lived in a rural community and the villagers broke into his home and cut off his arm to eat it. Theodore passed out and when he woke up everyone was dead. Why? Theodore also has a third eye. It was because of this that the villagers wanted to eat him in the first place (immortality) and the thing that took control to kill them when they threatened his well being. Min helps Theodore control his eye by sewing it closed (thus the three vertical x-marks on his forehead. Dark skin, black hair, yellow-eyes. Attends Youth Garden, poli-sci major although he cares less about school and more about being a petty criminal and hit man for Min who keeps him around to keep an eye on Darael (Min's greatest asset). When Theodore found out about his strange past he killed his mother/sister and now loathes his brother-in-law/father because of his part in everything

Alexander Astor Sky - m, Amadeus - m, An - m, Archer - m, Asa Hawkes - m,Boii Sanies - m, Bryl - m, Corte Malakai - m, Chamomile - m, Chet - m, Chime Kyoshi - m, Corwin -m, Daeki - f, Damania - f, Davidon - m, Destyn - f, Du-Sith - m, Emalee - f, Emanuel - m, Error Darklighter - f, Fire Demon Rafae - m, "Gabriel" Thorn Rose LaViala Tabt - m, Gemini Twins - m/m, Gideon Braeda - m, Gleedn Marsena - m, Halton Pierce - m, Henry-David Bishop- m, Jacob - m, Jain - m, Jan - m, Jericho - m, Jin - m, Masaccio - m,Merrel - m, Nepholis - m, Oswald "Oz" Sutton - m, Paul Ricardii - m, Piotes - m, Porter - m, Rivirid - m, Sabbath - m, Sayor'h - f, Scry - m, Shiri - m, S'perrin - m, Tender - m, Urara - m, Vanity (Kyoei Ro) - m, Voodoo Boy - m

New Hell City

New Hell City is a metropolis of about 3 million people, roughly the size of Los Angeles, CA. It has four distinct seasons with temperatures ranging from a record high of 113 degrees Fahrenheit to sometimes single digit lows in the winter.

While the majority of the city is relatively safe, the slums can be violent and immoral and are slowly beginning to infect other neighboring areas. Its police force boasts several proclaimed "heroes" that have been recognized by the country's capital for their bravery in the line of duty. The mayor, Laramaie Montague, is a former police chief and staunch republican. He has run twice, unsuccessfully, for senator.

New Hell City is most famous for its nightlife and boasts more bars and clubs per square mile than any city within five hundred miles. Besides alcohol and partying, it is also a hub of fashion, fine dining and the arts. Several celebrities and five star chefs operate affluent restaurants near the high class shopping and entertainment districts and many new up and coming artists, authors, and magicians call New Hell City 'home'.

During the day light hours, there are cinemas, museums, parks, and libraries to keep people occupied along with two different shopping districts, one with outrageous price tags set in the hills for the rich and the other with two malls across the street from each other and lined with specialty stores and boutiques in a more middle-class neighborhood. There is also a small amusement park along the coast with two roller coasters, a large public beach, and the "world's best" pork sandwiches.

Many of the older parts of the city and some abandoned buildings are rumored to be haunted. Haunted Tours of New Hell City are conducted nightly. The metropolis is an attraction to many paranormal investigators, ghost hunters, and psychics.

Hangouts and Established Locations

Places to Live
  • Asbury Park - ***
  • Parkplace - **
  • The Denbigh - ***
  • The Huntington - **
  • Elberta - *****
  • The Sprawl - homeless community in the park

Education and Learning
  • New Hell City Aquarium -> Contains both salt and fresh water fish, a children's area with special tanks for petting small sharks and stingrays. Dark and moody lighting with lots of nooks and crannies to hide in.
  • County Zoo -> A large variety of wild animals, both from different countries and native lands. There are separate buildings for nocturnal animals, arctic animals, African animals, reptiles amphibians and insects, monkeys, and an aviary.
  • Central Library -> A six floor building complete with a Starbucks in the lobby.
  • Schools -> Both public and private grade schools, middle schools, high schools, school of cosmetology, specialty schools, and a technical college.
  • The Gallery of Fine and Modern Art -> Two wings, one for modern works of art and one for famous pieces. Also contains a sculpture garden.
  • Museum of Science and Industry -> government sponsored museum complete with a dinosaur exhibit, a section on ancient Egypt, the Human Body, a hands on Children Museum, and special exhibits.

All Ages Entertainment
  • Botanical Gardens -> A wide variety of carefully tended to flowers and plants complete with a hedge maze. Please stay off the grass!
  • Gentry Park -> Public, government operated/funded park with a playground for children, baseball and soccer fields, an indoor all year ice skating rink, shelters for picnics or parties and lots of jogging/walking trails. A good place to feed birds, squirrels, and geese.
  • Empire Cinema -> One of New Hell City's oldest buildings. Constructed in the early 1700's it once served as an opera/theater house until it was converted in the seventies to a cinema. Many of the old fixtures remain.
  • The Rye Amusement Park -> Great classic park with original art-deco architecture and ambiance. Fifty rides include the Dragon wooden coaster, a beautiful carousel, a free fall ride, and a splashdown ride. Located on a seaside boardwalk. A restaurant within the park, "The Meat Burner" sells the "world's best" pork sandwiches.
  • Swain Beach -> A large public beach next to the Rye Amusement Park.
  • Garden Gate Beach -> further up the coast from Swain Beach and the Rye, Garden Gate is private, for members only. With a yearly fee of $4500 dollars, it's a bargain!
  • Penny Arcade -> A hangout for kids who should be in school and young adults. The Penny Arcade has a variety of all different kinds of games as well as a pizza parlor and laser tag.
  • Riverview Lanes -> A bowling alley that, despite its name, is not located anywhere near a river.

Adult Entertainment
  • Snell's Beach -> Nude Beach. No Clothes Allowed.
  • Indecent Exposure -> A fetish and porn shop located in a slightly rough neighborhood. At least the inside is better kept than the outside.
  • The 142 -> an illegal brothel run by Madame and Master Newbrook. It is located in New Hell City's slums. Despite its location, it sometimes attracts even expensive clients. Madame and Master Newbrook, despite their lifestyle, are oddly widely accepted by most social circles.
  • Pale Dog Tavern -> a dimly lit tavern that smells like cigars. Attracts old drunks and men who work with their hands. Women are very rarely seen in the Pale Dog unless they work there.
  • On The Rocks -> a more popular bar than the Pale Dog, On The Rocks is located downtown and is often the hangout for college aged students who want to socialize with their peers away from the loud pounding music of the clubs. Very popular during sporting events such as the Super Bowl or the World Series.
  • The Vanguard -> a rather tame night club and bar that minds its own business and hardly ever has the cops called on them for disturbing the peace or for fights. People come to the Vanguard to drink more than they do to dance. Their music is mostly retro-themed (70's, 80's)
  • Sugar -> a more popular night club themed around its topless bartenders. Plays popular music, mostly remixes of popular songs. Every Tuesday and Thursday is ladies night where women get drinks free.
  • Mood -> The club that the city has been trying to shut down almost since its conception. Things almost always get rowdy and out of control here. It's the kind of club where a night doesn't go by with at least one visit from every emergency service in the city. They have a serious drug problem and She-Devil, a popular DJ, spins every Thursday through Saturday.
  • Popular Saturday's ->A gay club with a bar including darts, pool, and a juke box on the upper floors and a swinging night club on the lower level complete with go-go dancers and top pop hits. It isn't uncommon to run into people having sex in the back rooms or the alley behind the club.
  • Play -> A strip club with five dollar peep shows and 24 hour dirty movies.

  • Everest -> a classic fine dining restaurant opened by celebrity chef Don Pallo. Specializes in fish dishes although they also serve a variety of meats and vegetarian plates. Small portions at high prices with a live pianist every evening. Reservations must be made at least a month in advance to get in.
  • Silks -> A specialty restaurants with serves its meals in pitch blackness giving patrons the opportunity to try new dishes and experience the joys of food with all of their senses except sight..
  • Fast Food -> There is a variety of fast/quick food restaurants all over the city, nearly every chain is represented multiple times through out the city.
  • Other Restaurants -> non chain restaurants are also prevalent throughout the city, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Home Style, American, etc.
  • Pantina -> A small fifties style walk up restaurant that is extremely popular since it is open twenty four hours a day. They are famous for their all-beef hot dogs which attract celebrities, politicians, and regular folk alike.
  • The Auto-Mart -> Short for Automatic Market, this odd eatery was opened in the 50's. There are no employees, just tables like a cafeteria and wall to wall vending machines dispensing just about anything a person could ever want as far as lunches are concerned.
  • The Trembling Cup -> a coffee shop chain similar to Star Bucks that is unique to New Hell City
  • Maggie Moo's -> An ice cream shop that offers not only the traditional scooped ice cream, soft serve, and desserts, but also a specialty ice cream shaped and colored to look like other foods such as spaghetti and meatballs, turkey legs, hamburgers, et cetera.

  • Brookhaven Mall -> a popular hang out for teenagers and young adults, located in the heart of the bustling down-town middle class neighborhood. Comes complete with a Lego Land and small indoor amusement park.
  • East Pointe Mall -> Directly across from Brookhaven, East Pointe is New Hell City's second most popular shopping attraction. Gained some publicity when a man was stabbed and killed there during A Day After Thanksgiving sale.
  • Miller's Pets -> An odd little pet store near the malls but not a part of them. Has been around "forever" and many people wonder why it hasn't closed down yet since no one ever seems to go there anymore.
  • Potomoc College -> isn't really a college at all so much as it is the name of the street that, for four blocks on either side of the road, contains some of the fanciest, over priced shopping boutiques and clothiers in New Hell City.

Non Profit / Government Buildings
  • Bastion's Cathedral -> although the church still holds services and mass every week, the Cathedral is an amazing feat of Gothic architecture and often attracts tourists as well as the pious.
  • Angelus Emergency Hospital -> the finest hospital in New Hell City. According to law, it can't turn anyone away regardless of their inability to pay or lack of insurance. There is also a free clinic operated by the hospital next door.
  • Hillcrest Sanitarium -> A home for the mentally insane. Hillcrest houses dangerous and criminal lunatics as well as those who are relatively harmless, just not able to take care of themselves in the real world, and those who have admitted themselves of their own free will. All ages accepted.

"Haunted" Locations
  • Rose Hill Cemetery -> One of the oldest cemeteries in the city with gravestones so ancient wind and rain have worn away the engraved words. There is a large wild rose garden that runs throughout the park. It is rumored that the roses are colored by the blood of the dead. The Potter's Field is the most "haunted" location in the cemetery. Located in a copse of trees, The Potters' Field is a massive grave sight where the bodies of those who died en masse due to an illness that swept through the city several hundred years ago, were buried without proper name markers or ceremony.
  • 17 Hundred 90 Inn -> a hotel that burned to the ground under mysterious circumstances in 1990 on its two hundredth birthday. Even before its unexplained destruction, 17 Hundred 90 was rumored to be a place where people went to kill themselves. In their 200 of operation, more than 30,000 people were found dead there.
  • Water Prison -> No longer in operation, Water Prison was rumored to have secretly and illegally tortured its inmates and preformed unsanctioned testing of drugs, surgeries, and experiments on them. Once the abuse of inmates was scooped by the press, the prison was shut down.
  • St. Angelus Home for Lost Boys -> an orphanage that existed in New Hell City for 20 years in the 1800's. It reached its end when all 113 of its charges and 23 staff members were found dead under unexplained circumstances.

Writing Samples [06 Sep 2009|07:01pm]
1st person Journal - Scorpius/Twisted )

3rd person / Scorpius - twisted )

Icons [16 May 2009|09:58pm]
52 Christian Brylle Icons )

Icons [16 May 2009|09:12pm]
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Icons [16 May 2009|09:09pm]
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[12 Apr 2009|11:39pm]
Pictures )

ICONS [10 Feb 2009|12:04pm]
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Rodolphus Lestrange [28 Dec 2008|12:21pm]

RP with me!

Rodolphus Lestrange

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rodolphus lestrange.
you're dedicated to how I'm killing you.

FULL NAME: Rodolphus Aculeo Lestrange
NICKNAMES: Lestrange, Rod (which he despises), Ro (which he doesn't like either but Narcissa is allowed). He also has a tendency to give himself nicknames spur of the moment in an effort to be boastful or appear intimidating and notorious.
BIRTH DATE & AGE: January 19th, 1958. Nineteen
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
HOUSE: Slytherin alumni
EXTRACURRICULARS: Played Beater for the Slytherin Quidditch team in his fourth through sixth years. He was known for being extremely competitive and "spirited" which often lead to him getting carried away, so much to the point that halfway through his sixth year he was removed from the team for playing a little too rough.


Father Aculeo Lestrange served as the breadwinner in his family since the Lestranges weren't wealthy enough to live off an extensive family fortune but provided well enough that his wife was able stay home and raise their children. While he's always been on the Ministry's payroll, the last two years he has served as a member of the Wizengamot. From the moment his children were born, Aculeo has taken pride in their rearing, and took care to teach them everything they could ever need to know in order to grow up to be perfect Pureblooded bigots. He did his best to introduce them to other important wizarding families and provide them everything he could to give them the best advantages in life. Rodolphus always treated his father with respect and an amused grin, kind of like one would have for their crotchety grandfather hollering about how everything was better back in "their day". It wasn't that he didn't believe everything Aculeo told him, he just always thought the man was a pathetic joke, desperate to change his station in life but without the guts to actually follow through.

Mother Orestes Lestrange, born Vaisey, is the first child in her family and thus denied her birthright because of her gender. Orestes never believed that women were the weaker sex and while her role in society as a wife severely limited what she was capable of accomplishing, she was also an excellent strategist. She married a man she felt she could easily control but didn't fully understand the complete joy of using the people around her as pawns until she had children. Rodolphus was the perfect playing piece, attracted to his mother's strength and her detached view of the world he felt reflected in himself. His father taught him about Pureblooded society but Orestes taught him to act within it. She taught him dark magic, how to hold a grudge, and how to get revenge. She quickly became the example of the perfect woman Rodolphus judged all others against.

Brother Rabastan Lestrange. Just because Rabastan was related to him by birth doesn't mean he holds a special place in Rodolphus' heart. It may afford him a bit of loyalty and protection but there is no honest deep-seated affection. While Rodolphus certainly enjoyed taunting and teasing his little brother in order to get a rise out of him in his youth, and while he certainly didn't offer much help in leaving behind a good reputation for him to follow in school, lately Rodolphus has begun to worry less and less about harassing his sibling and has focused more on his future.

: Single but he considers himself taken.

learn to love death's ink-black / shadow as much as you love the light of dawn

While Rodolphus' branch of the Lestrange family was never as rich as the Malfoys or as regal as the Blacks they have a long and illustrious reputation as not only a bastion for pure wizard blood lines but also as advocates for the protection and promotion of magical people. Loyally, and certainly without shyness the Lestranges have boisterously preached the importance of preserving magical society and culture while keeping muggles and their fluke progeny born with magical ability (also known as refuse) in their place either outside of the magical world entirely or allowed in only under the strictest control. In the time of Gellert Grindelwald, the Lestranges served as members of his entourage, allying themselves with the idea that wizard kind should live out in the open, abandoning the statute of secrecy, and enslaving the muggles. When there wasn't a powerful wizard to follow, the men of the Lestrange lineage surrounded themselves with other like minded individuals and families, donating huge amounts of time, money, and occasionally even life to achieve what they wholly believed to be right.

While some of the other important wizard families thought the Lestranges foolish for devoting so much of their time and effort, putting what they believed in before their own personal desires, many others found their enthusiastic allegiance worthy of quiet respect. They may not be known for hoarding wealth or egotism but they made up for it in reliability and trustworthiness, traits none too common in a world of back stabbing and self promotion.

Their reputation, however, also had its unsavory side. Rumors had always been passed between other families that the Lestranges were far more stuck up than they had any right to be and often found that no one was as good a match for their Pureblood daughters as other Purebred Lestrange sons. Although brothers were never really marrying sisters the branches of the Lestrange family tree are a little too tightly woven. To make matters worse there certainly is no love lost between the Lestrange kin. Affection has been replaced by contention, each group competing against the others like a family feud within one family.


Rodolphus was the first child in a pair of Lestrange sons and thus inherited not only a hefty birth right but also the task of being responsible for the family name: for carrying it on for future generations, and for its standing in the Wizarding community. Rodolphus' father was very eager to mold his firstborn into a proper heir with a set of morals and beliefs that would belie the type of reputation their family possessed - or at least the type of reputation he wished the Lestrange family had. The truth of it was, the family Rodolphus came from isn't anything to be lauded or looked up to. While they have a long standing, generally positive reputation among the other Pureblood bigots, opportunities for them to remind their peers of what makes them great have been few and far between as no one has seemed willing to rock the proverbial boat after the way Grindelwald's "reign" had come to a conclusion. Thus, over time, they'd begun to blend into the hodgepodge of Pureblood family lines that propagated the United Kingdom which certainly wasn't, in his father's opinion, any way to live. Although Mr. Lestrange had often tried to find some way to stand out, he'd never quite managed success.

Orestes Vaisey was a keen and observant woman who seemed capable of seeing everything through an objective lens, rarely letting her heart get in the way of her head. Although she would never be overtly overbearing or assert her dominance she was the type of woman who could lead her husband to her own conclusions all the while allowing him to feel as if he had come up with the idea himself, and no one ever noticed.

Rodolphus listened to and obeyed his parents for the most part but where other children were forming loving bonds with the other members of their family, Rodolphus felt no such desires. His family became important to him because family and bloodlines were important to most Pureblood children but he never quite managed to honestly care about any of them, a sentiment that extended even to his younger brother. Rodolphus was ambivalent towards the addition of Rabastan to their family group. His apathy, however, wasn't easily recognized by anyone outside of the calculating eye of his mother. Very early on, Rodolphus learned from her the importance of appearances in the world he lived in, how it was vital to stand out but not for the wrong reasons. He learned to mimic the behaviors of the other children his own age and rapidly became extremely adept at pretending to be the son he knew was expected of him.

As a child, he was in contact with many different Pureblooded families and their children as his parents got together with others concerned with the future of Wizard bloodlines. During these meetings, Rodolphus played the role of a promising member of the next generation with unrivaled finesse. He said all the right things, looked and behaved all the right ways, and made lasting impressions by regaling his parents' friends with stories about what he believed should be done with Muggle interlopers and his grandiose plans for one day becoming the Minister of Magic and make mudbloods "against the law". While he also got to know a lot of his peers this way making friends wasn't his main purpose and he didn't make too many friends. The one exception may be Barty Crouch Jr who he kind of even looked forward to seeing on occasion, which was often since both of their fathers worked for the Ministry.

More than anything, though, his favorite thing to do was spend time outside. Outdoors he didn't have to worry about breaking anything or being too loud and was free to go wild. He would play "Quidditch" when he could get Rabastan to join him, climb trees, dig in the dirt, and catch bugs and small animals.

His first display of magic wasn't witnessed by anyone as he learned to sever the wings of flies without having to capture them first. It was weeks before his mother came across the box of dead, wingless insects in his wardrobe right next to a box filled with all their wings and treated him to ice cream. By the time he turned eleven it was decided that Rodolphus would attend Hogwarts instead of Durmstrang like his mother wanted, mostly because Rodolphus was eager and anxious to tread the same halls as his father and hopefully make a better impression of the Lestrange family than the boring reputation Aculeo had left behind.


Rodolphus' first year in Slytherin was a rough one. At home he was king of the castle, put on a pedestal by his mother and the center of his father's attention as the heir to the family, and even though he knew quite a few of the other children at Hogwarts he suddenly found himself on the bottom wrung of the social ladder. The upperclassmen didn't care who he was and wasn't impressed with the stories he told them about how important he thought he was. Instead of being the popular center of attention he always assumed he would be from the moment he stepped through the front door he was nobody, just another first-year, and he hated it.

Everything his mother had taught him about presenting himself with dignity and respect flew out the window in a desperate attempt to earn what he truly believed was rightfully his. He began to not care what he stood out for as long as he was noticed. He was a braggart and a bully. He joined the Slytherin Quidditch team as a beater, told dirty jokes, and teased girls with dead mice and grossed out everyone by eating spiders and tearing the wings off of butterflies with his teeth. He spread unsavory and wild rumors around school about himself and his family to insure that his classmates would, at the very least, talk about him.

When he began to realize that there was, in fact, a difference between good and bad attention, Rodolphus' antics toned down drastically. The results of his bad behavior began to negatively impact his life. Children he grew up with began distancing themselves from him, began telling him they couldn't hang out together at Hogsmeade or during breaks because he was a "bad influence" or because they were afraid of getting in trouble. When something went wrong, when a prank backfired, or when someone got hurt professors began pulling Rodolphus in with the rest of the usual suspects and didn't bother listening to his explanation before serving up detention since he was probably lying anyway. His charm, quick wit, and smile no longer served as deus ex machina to get him out of trouble at the last second. While he may have never truly applied himself, Rodolphus wasn't stupid and it wasn't difficult to see where this path would eventually take him - straight to Azkaban, probably disowned, and with non of the celebrity he truly wanted out of life.

He turned his boundless drive away from mischief and focused instead on academic pursuits. Not every subject was for him, especially Herbology, but there were others, especially Transfiguration, where he excelled. Cornering the underclassmen to harass them, hazing the first years, and bullying the Ravenclaws into doing his homework were behaviors replaced with mentoring new Slytherin students, not only taking his assignments seriously but also turning his homework in on time, and keeping himself out of Slughorn's office. The transformation was so quick many doubted its sincerity but persistence, and Rodolphus' claim that he'd simply finally grown up, eventually won over many of the nay sayers. The only time he seemed to slip into a vision of his old self was on the Quidditch pitch where his aggression and love of mayhem got the best of him. He agreed his competitive nature overwhelmed his sensibilities and his desire to win got a little too out of control. When he was asked to leave the team halfway through his sixth year, he reluctantly agreed.

Eventually, the small number of tactless, hedonistic years of his life were written off by his parents and many others as a phase, the bad behavior of a frustrated young man struggling to come to terms with a world where the beliefs he'd been raised with were not only blatantly and openly challenged but also insulted. Unfortunately he hadn't turned his life around in time to achieve any special merits or awards although the scores on his N.E.W.T.S were impressive.

It was during his time at Hogwarts when he realized he'd found the woman he was determined to one day marry. He'd met the Black sisters before but he'd never really payed any particular attention to any of them until his time at Hogwarts. Bellatrix was not just unlike any other girl in school she was unlike any other girl she'd ever met rivaled in her passion only by the likes of his own mother. In his earlier years he made sure she knew he liked her by harassing her whenever he could. He would leave dead bugs in her things, draw her graphic and inappropriate pictures, and once even cut a lock of her hair, braided it into a ring, and wore it until it fell off. As he grew older, like he did in most aspects of his life, he learned to tone it down and his flirting became more stereotypical although he refused to ever admit out loud to her or anyone else that he liked her.

Post Hogwarts
By the time he graduated, Rodolphus' marks were passable but certainly nothing to brag about and he left Hogwarts with no real achievements to speak of. His less than impressive transcript didn't concern him, though. The plans he'd made for himself post graduation weren't the type where O's or T's mattered. Ever since he was little he had heard the rumors and whispers about elite societies meeting in secrecy, brothers bonded in blood, working together to combat the Muggle Menance, and the most promising among them was a group called the Death Eaters run by a man who called himself Lord Voldemort.

Rodolphus himself was impressed by The Dark Lord's ability to lead, his charisma, and his power. When it became obvious that the road Tom was taking would eventually lead to history books Rodolphus was sold. The Dark Lord became not only an outlet for his dark side but also a ticket to the one thing he'd desired his whole life and that the Lestrange family couldn't seem to achieve on its own despite generations of following figures with similar beliefs and motives. He was positive if he applied himself to the ideals of the Dark Lord, he could finally become famous. True to his nature, like a pit bull, once he'd latched on to something Rodolphus dedicated his life to it. The fact that Bellatrix was so enthusiastic about Voldemort made him even more esteemed in Rodolphus' opinion. The only downfall seemed to be the fact that aligning himself in His service left little to no time for another one of his life goals: having and raising a family. He assumes, however, that there will be time for that in the future especially since he can still fawn over Bellatrix from within the Death Eater ranks and decided to put passing on his bloodline off in favor of more instant gratification.

Personal Details.
here the stone images / are raised, here they receive / the supplication of a dead man’s hand

Compared to the other Purebloods in the Wizarding world who consider themselves superior by birth, Rodolphus often comes off as odd and alien, like the wrong side of a puzzle piece pounded to fit into place even though it's backwards. Inside of him exists two men, one who follows the pureblood norm: aristocratic, well-mannered, neat, and polite while still maintaining an egotistical sneer for the rest of society and the Rodolphus whose default is as a sophomoric, immature brute who doesn't know which fork is for salad and which is for dinner since either one is equally as effective at stabbing you in the hand. Each aspect of his personality is as real as the other and which side of him prevails depends on who he's dealing with and if they have anything he wants.

There are a few parts of his personality that never change, however. He prefers to do things on his own, by his own power, and absolutely loves to get his hands dirty. He's the type of person who can't stand to let others take credit for what he's done even if it means admitting to heinous crimes. Thankfully, he isn't a completely out of control violent offender. In fact he can be easily tamed when confronted with someone he respects and he certainly isn't above admitting that there are wizards out there who are better than he is. He is extremely loyal to causes he's aligned himself with and will stubbornly follow them despite public opinion and personal detriment. Rodolphus doesn't care about living a long, comfortable life moving from summer to winter home and cuddling up with his wife each and every night. What he wants out of life is simple: infamy. To be forgotten, in his opinion, is a fate worse than death and frankly, he doesn't care what he's remembered for as long as it's something that will stand the test of time.

Rodolphus is also ridiculously social. He truly enjoys talking to people of all kinds from all different backgrounds. He's an elitist that isn't above rubbing elbows with social refuse. People generally amuse him and having fun on his path into the history books definitely isn't a bad way to pass the time. Being the kind of person who enjoys confrontation, Rodolphus likes spending time with and often harasses people who loathe and despise him just as much as he likes hanging out with other Death Eaters. True to his nature Rodolphus just doesn't care one way or another what people think of him and trusts in the fact that anyone that's worth it will be able to see through his many flaws and be able to recognize and properly utilize his special talents and skills.

Standing at 188 cm (6'2") and weighing 14 st (196 lb), Rodolphus is a solid, stubborn example of a man. Years of athletics and outdoor activity has given him excellent upper body strength, especially in his arms and fingers, and has darkened the tone of his skin to a pleasant tan. His brunette hair is kept short, mostly because he doesn't have the desire or ability to style it in the morning and usually a thin layer of stubble covers his jaw. He insists it makes him "swarthy" and "mysterious" instead of just too lazy to shave every day. He can often be found smiling, an expression that almost always reaches his blue eyes although only a fool would believe his amusement also meant the man behind the grin was completely benign.

His style is one that favors classic fashion over modern day trends and he often relies on solid colors, especially black. Beneath his robes he sports button down oxford shirts, suspenders, vests, and sometimes even bowties.

the questionnaire.
come, be a man. drown thyself? drown cats and blind puppies!

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
A job well done.

What is your greatest fear?
Werewolves. Don't even get me started.

What is the trait you most deplore in others?
I hate men who don't realize they're men. You know what I'm talking about. They pamper and preen and stare at themselves in mirrors. They get their nails done and enjoy going shopping. Just thinking about it makes me angry. I also hate promiscuous women. I honestly don't care about what you have under your robes as much as you think I do, I promise.

Do you have any interesting habits? If so, please list them.
Habits? How much attention am I supposed to pay to my own idiosyncrasies? What am I, a Malfoy? How about an interesting hobby? I collect insects, butterflies, and moths and pin them myself.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
It'd be cool to have some sort of weird physical trait. Like mis-matched eyes or eleven toes. It might also be...prudent for me to move out of my parents house. I can't imagine having to get a real job of my own, though.

What is your greatest achievement?
Once I managed to keep my specimens alive for a whole semester of Herbology.

What is your greatest regret?
Maybe writing that detailed letter to whats his face Ravenclaw seeker about all the places I was going to hit him with a Bludger before the game. It makes it a lot harder to insist that face shot was a complete accident later when there's a piece of parchment with your name under a heart at the bottom. Turns out things get really serious after you're responsible for a third broken nose. Probably shouldn't have laughed either.

What is your motto?

If you want to be all fancy: faber est quisque fortunae suae. Each man is architect to his own fortune. Yeah, I know, it's deep.

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Augury Blake

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Name Augury Blake
Birthday Feb 2 (17)
Sign Aquarius
Birthplace New Hell City
Race Human, Messenger
Occupation Ward of the State - lives in Hillcrest Sanitarium
Sexual Orientation Yet to be discovered.

Augury is over all a very small woman, although that could have something to do with the fact that she's only seventeen years old. Still, there seems to be something more beyond that which gives the girl an aura of something small and fragile. Growing up, her mother always likened her to a fawn because of her long delicate limbs and cautious nature. Large blue gray eyes dominate her face, lined with thick, sooty lashes and highlighted with pale brows aristocratically arched. Her mouth is a faded pink that nearly blends into her milky complexion. She rarely wears make up and usually keeps her long, wheat colored hair pulled back from her face. Augury's limbs are long, her elbows bony, and her torso slim and boyish with small breasts and hips.

Since she lives in a Sanitarium, her clothes are all issued by the hospital and are usually limited to soft materials usually synthetic but sometimes cotton. T-shirts, sweat-shirts, smock dresses, linen drawstring pants, and slippers are some of her favorites. While she does have normal street clothes, she hasn't had the opportunity to wear them in quite some time as her family hasn't come to take her for an in-town visit or to sign her out in a long time. One of the few things she enjoys, however, is painting her toe and finger nails.


Augury has an absent and dazed way about her. She often seems listless or lost and has a tendency to watch things that other people don't seem to see. The casual observer may decide her behavior is on account of the fact that she's probably very highly medicated but that isn't actually the case. She just has a lot to look at. To Augury Blake, everything is a symbol or an omen. For example, cracking an egg and finding two yolks inside would probably be as exciting to her as finding a bag of hundred dollar bills on the side of the street would be to normal people. She claims to talk to animals and ghosts and often carries on long and elaborate conversations with inanimate objects.

The five senses and Augury have a difficult and complicated relationship. Too much stimuli at once will very often overwhelm her. If asked, she'll tell you she sees monsters in colors and if she looks at them for too long, they'll reach out and kidnap he, that she hears voices in music and if she listens to them for too long they'll possess her, that unfamiliar sights and locations will peel away leaving her in foreign territories, and that unnatural and frightening things will crawl out of her skin. Because of this, she likes familiar people and places and favors patterns and routine over surprises and new things.

Generally, she is friendly towards strangers but usually makes up her mind very quickly about how she feels about new people. Often when people from the outside world come to talk and interact with her, she'll close her eyes or blindfold herself in order to boy maintain her already questionable insanity and to remain as calm and objective as possible. Once she gets too upset or worked up any sort of interaction with her is impossible and often, the staff of Hillcrest, where she lives, will have to sedate her.

Abilities and Flaws
Augury has the ability to sense the magical bloodlines in other human beings. She can look at someone, regardless if they've realized themselves, and see exactly where their "roots" began. She also has strange premonitions of things to come, divinations that come to her in no regular method - that is, she doesn't have dreams or visions, she just sees signs everywhere and interprets them so that everyone can understand them. Because of the strength of her abilities and the clarity and correctness of her interpretations, Augury is regarded as the doorway between the human and fantasy world, known as the Heart, a title given to only one person every hundred years or so. It is said that the Heart has always been the same person throughout time and has just been reborn again and again into different bodies of all different races. Usually, the Heart is cared for and protected as a guide to the preservation of magical blood, however there are always rouges from all different races who believe that somehow, the consumption of her flesh and blood, can give them the ability to cross racial boundaries and absorb the powers of all kinds of different beings despite their own limitations.

Augury lives in Hillcrest Sanitarium, placed there by her parents who were a little uncomfortable with the way their daughter talked to ghosts, held conversations with air, and told her parents that one of them was really a werewolf and would murder and consume the other on one full moon once the old blood finally became too strong to be contained. For some reason, the Heart was reborn into a body that was sickly and frail. Augury is extremely sensitive to disease and also suffers from hemophilia. Once she starts bleeding it is next to impossible to get her to stop to the point where a gash or cut could lead to her death if not treated quickly. Because she was admitted into the mental hospital by her parents, she is stranded there and has little or no knowledge of the goings on of the outside world outside of her own precognitions.

Augury is, to her knowledge, without any family. Her parents are a far and distant memory and seem more like a dream than a part of her life's history. The truth of the matter is, however, Augury has a father, a mother, and a little sister.

Father : Lyndon Blake. Lyndon was one of those seemingly rare men who grew up wanting a family. When his wife became pregnant with Augury, he was thrilled. He doted on his daughter from the moment the hospital informed them they were indeed pregnant and even after her birth. When things around his daughter began to go south and odd occurrences started to happen, he withdrew from his family and spent most of his time at work. However, once the decision was made to put Augury into Hillcrest, he visited her for months after his wife stopped going.

Mother : Asteria Burke. Her pregnancy with Augury was difficult, a true omen to the life of the little girl that was to follow. During her pregnancy, Asteria nearly miscarried and was overjoyed when her daughter was born, even if she was premature. Her bond with Augury was close, she spent whole days talking to her unborn child while on bed rest during the pregnancy and after her birth found a great sense of pride and accomplishment in teaching her daughter about everything life had to offer. However, when Augury began predicting deaths and talking to spirits and animals, she withdrew slowly at first and then more rapidly as the odd events that surrounded her daughter became more frequent and bizarre. At the time Augury was sent to Hillcrest, Asteria was convinced her daughter was evil and on more than one occasion claimed that it was God's biggest mistake to have let her daughter live.

Sister : Persephone Blake. Augury has no idea that she has a sister. After her parents abandoned her at Hillcrest, they moved, cut off all ties to the life they had in New Hell City and moved across the country and began a new life with a new family and a new name. Persephone lives a very normal and uneventful life of which her parents are grateful for. She has no idea she has a sister either.


Augury was conceived in the summer and through the next nine months of her development, she put her mother through a very odd pregnancy. At first everything was fine and she was a very quiet baby, she hardly ever kicked her mother, kept her up at night, or gave her morning sickness. An automobile accident nearly caused Asteria to miscarry her child but after a few unsure and stressful days, doctors determined Augury was still alive but that her mother must be on strict bed rest for the rest of the term of her pregnancy. Since both parents desperately wanted the child, Asteria followed the doctor's advice and spent the next three months on her back, sitting up only for meals. Still, even the caution of her parents couldn't keep their daughter from being born a little over a month premature and spent the next few months in the NICU at Angelus Emergency Hospital.

It was discovered there that Augury was afflicted with hemophilia, a disease that kept her blood from clotting and could be extremely dangerous on its own, let alone to a premature baby and also that Augury was oddly susceptible to common disease and illness. Thus, besides a premature birth and intensive care, the hospital also had to set up a special clean room just for her in order to protect her frail immune system. It seemed, for a very long time, that the Blake's little girl just wasn't going to make it, there was just too much against them. One of the hospitals counselors spent a lot of time with the Blake family as well as the Blake's favorite priest to help prepare them for the worst which was a very real possibility.

Despite all odds, Augury lived on to become a miracle baby, there was even an article in the paper about how everyone expected her to die and yet somehow she managed to survive. And yet, because of her problems, her parents were understandably cautious and extremely over protective of their daughter and kept her at home as much as possible. Asteria gave up her job as a personal assistant and stayed at home with their baby twenty four seven. One day, on a rare trip to the park, Augury suffered what her mother could only describe as a seizure and at 18 months she was misdiagnosed with epilepsy. Still, despite her limitations, Augury was a very gentle child. She loved animals, playing with her toys and filling out sticker and coloring books. Every day her father would bring her home a different flower from work since her time spent outside was extremely limited. Her dad's gifts were her most prized possessions and she kept them all dried and pressed in a large book and would often spent massive amounts of time going through the book and admiring them.

As she learned to speak, read, and write English, Augury also learned another entirely different language on her own. She began realizing that certain objects, colors, music, and events contained secret, hidden messages that only seemed able to recognize and decipher. What's more was that these coded clues told her all sorts of things, most of which had yet to happen but would sooner or later come into reality. When her parents would have friends over or when she would watch neighbors out on the street doing yard work, washing their cars, going for runs, she would see things within them. Mr. Roberts across the street had wings and the old lady who would always wheel by in her strange mechanical chair made the grass talk and flowers grow.

When Augury began making imaginary friends and talking to the birds and animals that came to the feeders her parents hang outside of her bedroom windows, her parents accepted it as just the over active imagination of a young child. The behavior continued and became even more strange when her whispered conversations became frightening and very adult in nature and when she reported to her parents that her imaginary friends were really the ghosts of people that had died in cruel and horrible ways. It became too much to handle and just too unnatural when Augury began predicting the weather and the deaths of people who would show up in the next day's paper. While Lyndon insisted that Asteria was just over reacting, Mrs. Blake refused to let Augury carry on these behaviors she began to label as "demonic" and would often punish Augury by making her sit in the corner when she caught her. Strange people began to show up on the Blake family doorstep, unsavory, rough, and imbalanced individuals who wanted to spend time with her daughter and soon, Asteria began spending a lot of time on the phone with police.

One day, Augury told her mother over breakfast that she was really a werewolf and that one day the old blood in her body would become so strong she wouldn't be able to contain it and she'd end up eating daddy and then proceeded to illuminate all the gory details as calmly as if she were reading the nutrition information on the back of her cereal box. It was too much for her now devoutly religious mother to handle and she managed to convince her husband, who was hardly ever home anymore and had long since stopped bringing Augury flowers, with the help of several psychologists and counselors, to put their seven year old daughter in Hillcrest Sanitarium.

At first, Mr. and Mrs. Blake visited their daughter regularly and were extremely active in the doctor's plans for medicating their daughter out of desperate hope that whatever was so imbalanced with her would be able to fixed and Augury would be able to live a normal life. As time past, Asteria stopped coming with her husband to see her baby girl and eventually even Mr. Blake stopped coming as well. A few years later, when Mr. and Mrs. Blake went missing, Augury became, unbeknownst to her, an orphan and thus a ward of the state seemingly doomed to spend the rest of her life at Hillcrest.

It was alright with her though, her friends had come too, followed her from her old home to her new one. As Augury grew up, the memories of her father and mother became distant and were replaced with the new memories and family she'd gained in her new home. She wasn't without her visitors, either, slowly at first and more frequently later, more and more people Augury didn't know came to see her, asking them to interpret signs for them and give them advice based off of what she had decoded from her surroundings. Some people even came to her and would ask her to look at them and tell them the secrets she saw in their blood. More than once she had heard her visitors refer to a Heart and although she doesn't understand exactly what that means, she's come to accept it as another name for herself.

She now spends her days at Hillcrest, seventeen years old and a constant fixture within the walls. All of the staff know who she is and her story and while they do their best to keep some of her weird guests away, they always seem to find their way in somehow.

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